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You Want to Stop Constantly Fighting for Your Success

Do Any of These Sound Familiar?


Tired of looking successful on the outside, but feeling stuck & lonely inside?


Dealing with never ending stress that’s seriously starting to impact your day?


Not willing to go through the motions of what you “should” be achieving?

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It Happened to Me, Too...

Melissa Bishop, Certified Professional Life Coach

I understand how you feel. For years I looked successful on the outside, but inside I was feeling stuck, lonely, and sad. I worked longer hours than my male colleagues trying to prove my worth. I struggled to find a voice that didn’t seem aggressive and feared being seen as not competent. I sacrificed time with my family and had no social life while other colleagues went on family vacations and spent time with their friends. I finally got to the point of exhaustion and on the verge of a breakdown. But everything changed when I finally discovered how to deal with the never-ending stress and create balance while gaining confidence that I was good enough. I was able to stand in my strength and get out of my own way to a successful career.

With a coach by my side, I finally understood where I was going wrong and what changes would make it right. The difference in my life was so profound that I eventually became a certified coach and have been helping other women unlock their work potential and live a life they love. It would be an honor to do the same for you.

Signature Coaching Program

From Fed up to on Fire

In my 12 week program, From Fed Up to On Fire, I’ll personally guide you along the path from where you are to where you want to be. We’ll uncover your true goals, unlock your motivation, build your confidence, and equip you with the skills to level up and love your life. To learn all the details and apply for one of the few spots remaining, click the button below.

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Three Steps to Owning It at Work and Home

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